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How to protect your house from El Nino

Looking outside my window as I begin to write this article I notice a strong build up windows and clouds that look like they are preparing for something big. Everyone has been talking about El Nino and what it can do your home if your home is not prepared for the big storm. We at Inner City Skyline have been preparing for the storm for over 2 months now with roof replacements, hardening the roof, upgrading and sealing new windows, installing sandbags and check foundation for the house.  During our upgrades and notifying homeowners of weaknesses in their homes structural sturdiness we came up with a list of preparations you can do to better protect your home.

1. Roofing Preparation

When you experience strong winds and heavy rains, it’s imperative to understand that the roof gets the hardest hit in comparison to other parts of the house. Preparing your roof is crucial to stay dry during the wet months. Some ways to prepare for the storm is reroof your roof to ensure you have new roof that can withstand the strong force of El Nino. Another way to prepare your roof is do strength test by applying enough force to the roof to see if it can withstand the pressure. Small cracks can turn into major problems if you do not discover them early and amended. When you schedule a free estimate with Inner City Skyline, we can determine the condition of the roof by going up on your roof, measuring, and doing a visual inspection. Roofs older than 15 years we recommend repapering, and reinstalling tiles so the existing roof can withstand the high speed winds and heavy rainfall of El Nino.

2. Window Upgrade

Whether you experienced leaking water from your windows or not, window upgrades during heavy storms are crucial to keep your home protected and dry. Older windows like other parts of the house lack significant insulation between the window cracks and caulking’s. Caulking and special sealants can help your windows by protecting it from leaks. Sometimes it’s enough just to seal the surroundings and window frames but most often its beneficial for the homeowner to upgrade and install dual pane gas insulated windows as these windows save money, save energy and are strongest available in the market today.

3. Hardening your roof with Liquid Coating

Harding your roof with a liquid based coating can help your roof by flowing all the water down without absorbing directly inside the tiles, composite or asphalt. This is crucial for big storm like El Nino because in addition to a brand new roof, new roof papering, the coating will add another layer of protection that will normally not be there.

4. Foundation Inspection

When strong winds and lots of water combines near the foundation of your home, your foundation is at jeopardy as water is the biggest enemy to your house. When a homeowner inquiries about an Foundation Inspection, we tend to go the extra mile because our reputation is on the line. We do a full evaluation, and verbal/visual estimate for the work that might be needed. The biggest problem is water build up and moving the water along to a safe location. French Drains are crucial for foundations that are risk of high water buildup as the water can be destructive to the concrete.

5. Sandbags for the rolling hills

Lastly, temporary but crucial is sandbags for homes that are near hillsides. Hillsides are one of the most dangerous places to be for homes during a dangerous storm like EL Nino. El Nino about 15 years ago destroyed all the houses near hillsides as mudslides came tumbling down inside the house. Beautiful homes got destroyed due the lack of protection and sturdy defenses against the storm and rolling hillsides. Today we still have time to upgrade and install a strong wall of sandbags to slowdown and stop the rolling mudslides.

Tips To Protect Home Against El Nino