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Costa Mesa Home Artificial Grass

Jeremy M. - Costa Mesa, CA

“My wife and I noticed our lawn turning yellow due to the water restriction we were facing during California drought. We considered our options and decided that we enjoyed the fresh grass look and so did our dogs. We found Inner City Skyline Inc. On Google and a few others and decided to go with Inner City Skyline. Our project manager described every part of the installation and made us feel comfortable. We got the entire project done in two days and could not be more happier. The best part, my dogs cant tell that its not real grass.”

Sara T. - Huntington Beach, CA

“My husband was furious about getting a ticket for watering our lawn on the wrong day and decided to take action by contacting local gardeners. We took a few estimates but was very difficult to understand. We found Inner City Skyline Inc.  online and enjoyed working with John. John explained benefits of synthetic grass and how environmentally friendly his product was. We chose John because he provided a better product and a price that was within our budget. The finish product looks amazing. Our lawn looks the best in Huntington beach.”

Embrace the Benefits of Artificial Turf

Why Artificial Turf?

Save hundreds of dollars on your water bill

No more lawn mowing and paying for gardeners

No need for sprinklers, excessive watering or wasting water

Grass is always green without much effort

Maintenance free landscape design for homeowners

Rebates + Incentives for artificial Turf in LA and OC

Working with us gets you…

Fully licensed and insured contractor for quality

Excellent customer service with over 25 years of experience

Dedicated artificial turf expert to answer your questions

Competitive price that cannot be compared

Free 3D design with full installation

Pet Friendly Artificial Turf

Our Products are 100% Lead Free, Non toxic and safe for pets and kids