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Bathroom Remodeling Contractors In Brea

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Ever catch yourself in a situation where you need a local licensed bathroom remodeling contractor in Brea, CA? Inner City Skyline provides local bathroom remodeling services for homeowners. As a licensed contractor, we provide electrical, plumbing, bathroom remodeling plans and installation for homeowners. We do it all and from scratch, with local crews designing, building and providing the finishing touches for our clients. Getting started is easy; schedule your free estimate today and meet our local contractor in Brea.

Small Bathroom Remodeling

Inner City Skyline is a licensed contractor that can help you with your small bathroom remodeling projects. Small projects can include small plumbing repairs, replacing a few outlets in the bathroom or full scale tiling project.  Bathroom tiling is an art form designed to inspire and add creativity to what otherwise be an ordinary bathroom. Our bathroom remodeling contractors work only with the best bathroom tile installers in Brea.

Shower door replacement project is another big one for us in Brea. Our contractors replace shower doors that are not closing properly, or often times flooding the entire area. Some homeowners don’t have shower doors but have a full scale shower enclosures which can leak water. We waterproof the area, and ensure you get a bathroom that is built to code.

Toilet and vanity installation is another project we like to take on in Brea. Installing a new energy efficient toilet can add value and help you get rebates. A free standing vanity can help you save space and add depth to your bathroom. Every project adds value and If done properly you get a space that is both calming, relaxing and intuitive to your needs.

Schedule your free estimate today and let us get you started.

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