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Drought Landscaping Ideas

Whether you are looking for succulent drought landscaping, or maybe a pebble garden, Inner City Skyline can help you figure out a design to match your home and feel comfortable with the design.

We provide options like Zen Garden for peace and graceful landscaping. Zen Gardens are drought friendly because it does not present any grass or the need to constantly water plants, trees, or lawn.

Homeowners that are looking for a splash can take advantage of large succulents and oddly shaped plants that in combination of wood chips and boulders can add depth and design to your home.  

In addition to succulent landscaping, we had success with stamped concrete installation with succulent plants and wood-chips. The design looks amazing and is very attractive in most communities.  

Need a tree removed safely? We have experts that know when to safely remove a tree without harming it. We remove trees in addition to installing new ones with easy. Professional landscaping and design contractor in that can help you with any drought landscaping project for your home. Call us to set up a time.

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Drought Landscapers

Inner City Skyline provides drought landscaping and drought friendly installations for homeowners in Irvine  Community. We provide elegant and custom landscaping designs for homeowners. We specialize in succulent drought landscaping with drip irrigation systems and fillers like gravel, decomposed granite, wood chips and concrete.

Our Promotion and Rebates

Inner City Skyline offers our own promotional discount on drought landscaping and drought landscaping rebates for homeowners in Irvine. Whether your part of an HOA, or you have every right to upgrade your landscaping, we can help you get succulents installed, grass removed and drip system put in place for your home.  Our promotion depending on any given month, range from $.50 cents per square foot to $1.50 per square foot depending on size and number of other factors.  

Drought Landscaping Designs Irvine

Inner City Skyline offers so many different options to choose from in regards to drought landscaping design that no one yard should look the same. Our professional landscapers and landscaping architects draw out plans of what it can possible look like when the projects is completed. Once we have an agreement, we move forward with our grass removal teams going in 1st to remove the grass for the project to begin. Depending on the design, the area gets prepped for drought landscaping to be installed.

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