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Drought Landscaping Specialists

Inner City Skyline, a drought landscaping specialists offer special discounts and rebates in addition to what the government may offer for drought landscaping in Lake Forest, CA.  Our professional landscape crews are honest, hardworking individuals that love succulent gardens, helping homeowners upgrade and add curb appeal in addition to landscaping. It’s not about removing your grass and installing gravel (even though we do provide this service). It’s about making your home one of the most beautiful homes in Lake Forest.

Company rebates available in Lake Forest. Take advantage of the rebates and let us redesign your landscaping with minimal water usage, and maintenance with our custom landscaping design.

Drought Landscaping Projects

When it comes to drought landscaping projects, it’s about creative succulents and combination of concrete, pebbles, wood chips and succulent gardens to add value.  Our drought landscaping professionals in Lake Forest are familiar with all of the succulents and latest concrete treatments to add the look/feel you need.

How Drought Landscaping Rebates Work

We provide free estimate for clients looking for drought landscaping. We even do it under the current rebate program depending on your area and availability of Rebates.  Once our landscape contractor sees the area we are working with, we can agree on a price and submit a design for approval. Once our designs are approved by the city of Lake Forest, we can move forward and start the project.

As a homeowner, you are not required to do anything. We take care of your landscaping project from start to finish. Our contractor will keep you informed, schedule crews, and collect payments as the project progresses.

Why Take the Advantage?

When you decide to move forward with drought landscaping, you will feel a gracious relieve as you are doing your part to help the City of Lake Forest combat our severe drought. You are eliminating a monthly maintenance fee for your landscaper and saving thousands of gallons of water a year. That in turn with the charity of preserving water will be plenty as more homeowners will follow your lead. Let’s take control of our drought and save water today.

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