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Drought Landscaping Design & installation

When it comes to drought landscaping designs and help with your rebate program, Inner City Skyline Drought landscaping services is the best service in Santa Ana. Inner City Skyline is a local contractor and drought landscaping professional for Orange County. Drought landscaping is one of the ways we help homeowners save water, save money and apply for rebates. We also provide water efficient bathroom remodeling services.

Drought landscaping Services In Santa Ana

For homeowners looking for a professional landscaper for any project in Santa Ana, do not hesitate to call a professional like our best guys from Inner City Skyline. Inner City Skyline offers custom landscaping for drought projects in Santa Ana.

Some of our drought landscaping designs includes pebble gardens, Zen gardens, cacti gardens and even ranch style with pavers. Each project we take on is customized to fit homeowner’s needs unless they love a specific design and want a duplicate. Our project managers go over each drought landscaping project, offer customization, 3D planning for larger landscaping, and design. Take advantage of the rebates that are available and turn your yard into something the community can be proud of.

Did we mention you will be doing California as a state a big favor? California is running on historic low reserves for water supply. Each month that goes by without rain, the harder it is for the state to pull in water from different sources. When homeowners take the burden and reduce the water consumption, more people have drinking water to use. More homeowners can shower because our lawns are California friendly.

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