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Eco2heat Products and Services

Eco2heat products are considered to be revolutionary in the heating industry. It’s not easy to consider a product revolutionary but once a homeowner has experienced the simplicity of the product and the benefits of the many different variations of our radiant infrared heating system, they will never go back to traditional heating.

Who should consider this product the most?

Many people that have allergies suffer from heating systems that heat the air verses heating objects and Trans versing the heat throughout the room. The heating of the air causes dust to spread and those with allergies suffer from the spread of dust.  What Eco2heating does is heat the objects directly and the object reflects the heat into the air. Eco2heating products are completely safe for people and pets with tons of health benefits as well.

Mold and Dust Mite Killer

When initially installing eco2heating system in your bathroom or any room that has mold, the heating system quickly starts to heat the room and kill off the mold. Within a couple of hours you can see the mold dispersing. No more dust mites, as the air is left alone with radiant heating.

Did we mention how elegant it looks?

Eco2heating offers both wall hanging designs of our heating system as well as portable options for those that want to consider a portable heater. Our elegant gold, bronze, or silver options can be installed professionally on a wall and become the center of your room. We have options for homeowners that want to incorporate a mirror to a room or even completely redesigning the bathroom around an elegant mirror. Did we mention we have options for your towels as well? Elegant towel heaters are available at a competitive price. Our towel holder/ heating units offer the same heating benefits while focusing the heat lushes towels.

Energy Efficiency | A new Standard

When you consider energy efficiency for heating units, you need to evaluate technology, electricity usage, and costs. Our Eco2heat technology uses 100% of the electricity absorbed as heat. In addition to maximizing the electricity watts, eco2heat radiant technology operates completely electro-smog free.

Did we mention it produces the same amount of heat per room with 50% of the cost? Image not having to spend $100 extra on your heating bill simply because you installed our ceramic wall mounted heating units.

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