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Home Energy Audit

California is one of the biggest states to push a state wide Energy Audit and upgrade program for homeowners, and Inner City Skyline is at the heart of the revolution. Homeowners now have the chance to assess the energy efficiency of their house with a series of tests done by professional energy auditors to determine how you can improve with basic home improvement projects. And guess what, Inner City Skyline is one of the approved contractors for the energy upgrades in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Products That Make a Difference

Inner City Skyline provides a wide variety of different home improvement services that qualify for the energy upgrade programs/energy network programs available for Los Angeles and Orange County. A few products that are exceptionally helpful are sealing the entire house, insulation, window upgrades, and air condition unit upgrades. The biggest improvements to any home is sealing and insulating as older homes tend to have insulation that is outdated and airflow is often everywhere. Furthermore, in order to qualify for special rebates available with this program, homeowners need to choose three home improvement products out of a list of home improvement services that qualifies.

Our expert energy auditors test leaks around the house and test for real world situations that can damage or disrupt the energy process. We test for appliance combustions and toxicity from carbon monoxide and home ventilation. If your home is not properly vented and a carbon monoxide leak occurs, it can be harmful for all family members.

Inner City Skyline Benefit

When you choose Inner City Skyline for your Energy Audit, you can rest assure you are getting a bargain with our exclusive energy auditing service. Once we address your energy concerns, we provide a comprehensive before and after of what your home energy levels were and what they are after the repairs. After that, we certify you with our company Information and provide one year warranty. Our certification of your home will add value as more homeowners are going to be reaching out for energy audits and having the certification will boost your home’s value as well.

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