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How long does it take to finish a full bathroom remodeling?

Inner City Skyline is an expert general contractor that offers a hassle-free headache less bathroom remodeling in one week. That’s right, once all the materials are on scene, you can expect your bathroom to be fully remodeled in less than one week. (Standard Bathrooms)

What makes our bathroom remodeling different in comparison to our neighboring contractors?

When you hire Inner City Skyline for your bathroom remodeling project, you only get the best contractors for your project. Dealing with a single contractor, verses multiple contractors that are unfamiliar with each other and often blame each other when things go wrong. Also, we provide no surprises transparent remodeling with each project we take on. We keep homeowners informed throughout the project and have dedicated project managers that will move your project along. Furthermore, we pull permits for every aspect of your project, work with city inspectors to protect you and your property.

What are some modern designs for bathroom remodeling?

Modern designs for bathroom remodeling projects consist of floor to ceiling tiling for mold protection and beautiful seamless finish. Furthermore, modern is in the eyes of the beholder, as homeowners choose a general theme and based on the features, we custom design a bathroom for each client we take on. Whether you’re looking for Victorian, or modern design, tell us your story and let us design your perfect bathroom today.

What should I expect to pay for a full bathroom remodeling?

Since bathroom remodeling project are one of the most detail oriented projects, costs vary depending on what you include. Some of the details which determine the price are the style you choose, size of the bathroom, materials selected and accessibility. For baby boomers, we offer walk-in tubs which add significant value but raise the costs. On average a bathroom remodeling starts at $6,245 and up.

What should a full bathroom remodeling include?


Copper Plumbing



Tub Or shower

Hot Mop

Air vent

Recessed Lighting / Shampoo Recessed


Vanity / Medicine Cabinet


Shower Door

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