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Foundation Contractors for Bolting

If your home has become unstable due to the foundation slipping or foundation cracks, Inner City Skyline can help you protect your home by providing foundation bolts which will secure your home and reduce movement. Foundation bolting services are available for most of Orange County including Huntington Beach, Orange, Anaheim, Irvine, Mission Viejo and Tustin.

Foundation Bolting Rebates are available

If you have done foundation repairs, and foundation work you know how costly the project can be. Inner City Skyline works with homeowners to get financing, and rebates to reduce costs and keep the project affordable. We are a approved foundation bolting contractor and can offer up to $3000.00 in rebates from Brace and Bolting Program.

Signs of Foundation damages in Orange County

Large Gaps between doors and windows are common types of home foundation issues many homeowners face in Orange County when foundations are not sturdy.

Uneven flooring is a great way to detect foundation problems. Flooring must be even and slight slants can be a good indication of foundation problems. Flooring repairs can be complicated if the concrete foundations are slipping.

Stair steps that are starting to become uneven due to time are another clear sure way to know you are having foundation issues.

Are your windows becoming harder to open and close? Windows that get stuck often indicate the building is shifting.

Foundation Repair Quote

Up To 35%



$3000 In Foundation Rebates!

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