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General Contractor serving Anaheim CA

If you have a remodeling project for inside or outside your home, you have found the perfect contractor in Anaheim. We are licensed and insured general contractor with over 25 years of experience in remodeling, design and home improvement. We specialize in a number of remodeling including kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions, drought landscaping, windows, deck remodeling, roofing and windows. Don’t forget our energy efficiency department and our efforts to educate homeowners on the benefits of solar and helping homeowners cash in on their rebates.

Our initial estimates are free!

When you inquire a price for your home improvement, remodeling or design project, we offer a competitive free estimate by arranging a time for you to meet our General Contractor. Our general contractors in Anaheim  are professional and courtesy. Our general contractors offer detailed insight on what your project would require, from kitchen remodeling to Roofing and more. We offer a pressure less approach to our free estimates and believe that customers can see a good contractor when they meet them.

What makes our general contractors better?

When it comes to general remodeling, and home improvement projects no one does it better than Inner City Skyline and our contractors in Anaheim. Our Anaheim general contractors offer kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, additions, windows, installation, doors, landscaping, foundation, roofing, painting and too much more. Our professional contractors go over each project in detail at the time of our estimate. Our estimates offer multiple solutions and recommend a solution we can stand by.  Whether it is to replace the entire roof or just a few tiles, we help you make the hard decisions. Our decisions on replacing foundations and advising to hold off on it have earned the trust of thousands of homeowners in Anaheim.  Our professionalism comes from 25 years of providing quality workmanship homeowners have grown to trust. 25 years is a long time and our history shows that quality general remodeling stands in the eyes of our clientele.

Affordable General Contractor Anaheim

Affordability is a big priority for us and we don’t price gauge you no matter what the project is. We take on all projects big and small in Anaheim. Since we do not have a minimum at Inner City Skyline, our price quotes are competitive, priced accurately, no matter the project details.  

  1. We promise to price your project at a fair and competitive market value.
  2. We work hard to provide top quality work at a price unmatched by our competitors
  3. We ensure the work gets done professionally
  4. We value honesty and provide the same respect to our customers
  5. We don’t cut corners on any budget because our customers matter more!

Adding Market Value in Anaheim

Anaheim community is a well off community full of well educated, organized homeowners and our contractor continues to support the community with added value for local homeowners. Finding value in remodeling is simple. Attract homeowners that want comfortable, clean and friendly homes in good communities. Since the community of Anaheim is amazing, we focus our attention on building homes that meet the first 2 requirements. Outdoor landscaping that is well designed and attract potential homeowners will bring awareness and bidding war for potential sellers. Simple changes and focusing on certain types of projects adds benefits unseen of in Orange County

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