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If you have not already converted your lawn into a drought friendly landscaping design, you as a homeowner should be doing far more than what you are doing now. Inner City Skyline can help you do more by removing your grass in Fountain Valley in preparation for drought landscaping installation. As more and more homeowners choose drought landscaping designs, or upgrade the lawn with artificial turf, the 1st and most crucial step is removing what you have already. Our licensed landscaping crews have professional grade tools and resources to remove your lawn and professionally install drought landscaping designs that are maintenance free and custom to your homes features.

How long will it take to remove grass from my home in Fountain Valley?

Homeowners often wonder how long it will take to remove the grass from the lawn and depending on the size of the landscaping it can vary. On typical lawns about 500 Square foot or less, its often less than a single day. That means if you have an approved landscaping design, you can redo your entire landscaping in 3-4 days without much concern.

What are some options available once I remove my grass?

Most homeowners often select mulch as their ideal replacement to grass. Some homeowners enjoy succulents and combination of succulents and mulch is ideal for most

homeowners. Often times its much cheaper than any other suggestion.

If mulch isn’t your thing, we recommend artificial turf as it looks like grass but requires not a single drop of water. Artificial turfs are also great for HOA organization that requires the look of a lawn and often times approve artificial turf installation.

Lastly, we have our own concrete crews that are available to redo concrete and combine that with succulents and mulch, which turns out to be luxurious designs only found in million dollar homes. Compare options, costs and design for your landscaping today. Remove your lawn and start with a free design by Inner City Skyline.

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