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Gray Water Systems are a one of the most dominates systems used for severe droughts like the one we face in California. Gray Water systems reroutes the water that is being used in your house and filters and cleans it for use on your lawn. It’s considered safe for the outdoors as it only reroutes “Gray Water” which refers to water from faucets, dishwashers, laundry, showers, and other gray water producing areas around the house. Gray Water System was created to reduce your water utility bill and fits perfectly in Los Angeles and Orange county communities.

Do your part in your community, and install the Gray Water System for your home. Don’t let your lawn turn brown just because of the water restrictions, water with the Gray Water System.



Reduce dependency on the city and state

Reduce water consumption and help our planet

Landscape your backyard with trees and flowers with affordable irrigation

Low maintenance system


Drought assurance for your gardens


Services that come with Gray Water System

Inner City Skyline provides professional Gray Water System installation which comes with full copper plumbing or PEX plumbing, custom installation and can redirect to where the water should be stored either underground or next to your home. Compare prices and ensure you get a professional that has the experience to install your Gray Water System Today.


Greywater System, Above Grade, Voltage 12, 1-1/2 In Inlet, 1/2 In Outlet, Basin Height 15-1/2 In, Basin Capacity 5.5 gal., Cord Length 4 ft.

 AQUS® Water Recycling SystemReuses captured lavatory sink water to fill the tank on a gravity-fed toilet. Unit has a 12VDC pump with average flow rate of 1.6 gal. per 1 min. 12 sec. Vanity tank reservoir is 15-1/2 x 15-1/2 x 8-3/4″ and has a tablet dispenser for chlorine tablets (not included), used to help control bacteria and other contaminants. Includes vanity tank-to-toilet tank connection hardware.

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Gray Water System Installation | Huntington Beach, CA


Gray Water System

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