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Are you experiencing leaks for your home or business? We can repair or replace your roof to stop the leaks permanently!


Roofing Repair Contractors

If you noticed your roof leaking, your ceiling spotting or any other signs of water leaking to your home during a rainy day, your roof is letting you know that it’s time to repair or replace. Inner City Skyline in Los Angeles does a variety of roof inspections to determine the cause of the leak, how bad the leak is, and offer suggestions on how to repair the damaged areas. Our ROOFING CONTRACTORS are the best in the industry, helping local homeowners in Los Angeles, Burbank, Hollywood, San Gabriel and San Fernando Valley keep dry during heavy rainstorms similar to El Nino and Patricia.

When Inner City Skyline does the repairs and replacements on your roof in Los Angeles, you can rest assure that it’s done properly and within city building code. Our expert roofers pull the correct permits, schedule inspections at every cycle of the roof replacement project and insure the inspection is passed with flying colors before going to the next step. Roofing replacements are a big projects that require expert installers and home improvement specialists to do it right. We specialize in composite roofing replacements, but can do tile roofs, metal roofs, gravel and flat roofs.

For homeowners that need a couple tiles replace, we do our part to get the project done, however its considered small and can be done with a handyman. That’s not to say that we have not done small projects that require very little materials and couple hours of repairs.  More often than none, homeowners that have older tiles do not have the materials and tiles get discontinued very often. Inner City Skyline Roof Repairmen can help you match your roof if it’s possible.  Compare our prices with other roofers in Los Angeles County. Call today to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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What Should I do When My Roof Leaks?

IF you notice water or spotting on your ceiling, immediately contact a Roofer for estimate.

What makes a good roofer?

Good Roofers have an excellent understanding of roofing and different materials available. A good roofer can also tell you in detail what they will do to remedy the situation.

Does License really matter for roofing?

A Roofer that's not licensed is trouble from the very beginning. Often times a non-licensed roofer will do more damage then repairs.


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