Brady L. - Fullerton, CA

My wife and I are both Lawyers and interviewing more than 2 contractors is a challenge. We tried hiring contractors ourselves and it went horribly wrong. Most contractors failed to make the initial estimate/walk through. The prices seemed outrages and so far from each other, making us wonder who will really do a good job. My wife was browsing the web and decided to sign up for this and send our kitchen remodeling project to Inner City Skyline. We had a project manager call us the next day and schedule a time to do the walk through. It took 2 hours to get all the information needed to begin. John took care of everything and paid our contractors, and saved us a big chunk on the kitchen we wanted. Membership fee seemed unreasonable at first but savings added up quickly and surpassed our expectation.

Inner City Skyline Inc. Membership Saved Us |  $9450

Kevin J. - Huntington Beach, CA

My partner and I just purchased a home that was in need of some major TLC. We reach out to a few contractors and we received horrible service. Contractors did not arrive, it was all salespeople with very little experience and spoke any English. I work full time and could not spend the next month interviewing flooring, painters, and bathroom remodeling contractors. We found Inner City Skyline Inc. Home improvement membership. After our initial meeting, we let them handle everything. Every stage of the project we were informed the amount we needed to pay the contractors and we personally did a walk through with John. John handled everything from negotiation to payment and permits. It reminded me of Costco but more personable.

Inner City Skyline Inc. Membership Saved Us |  $8420

Sammy V. - Los Angeles, CA

We purchase homes and quickly flip them for a profit with my investment team. We always in the market of remodeling and the worst part of our business is dealing with contractors. We found Inner City Skyline Inc. Membership service most rewarding. We know pricing in LA market and our own contractors could not beat the prices that John negotiated. We were impressed and signed up after they promised to beat the invoices we went. The work was done to what we agreed and avoided the hassle of micro managing contractors.

Inner City Skyline Inc. Membership Saved Us |  

$3740 per House X 6 Homes a Year = $22,440

Janet N. - San Clemente, CA

My husband works full time, so I take care of the house for most things. Unfortunately, no home improvement company would just meet me, I was told I needed my husband as well. I got tired of asking around and came across Inner City Skyline Inc. Membership service. The price was not an issue, I just could not get the project started and John told me he will take care of it. He started after doing a walk through of the house. We needed our windows replaced, new hardwood flooring, french door, and a new deck for our kids. All I did on my end was sign up, have job walk through the house, and start arranging estimates and negotiating prices. Painless for me and compare that to my neighbors deck alone I saved thousands.

Inner City Skyline Inc. Membership Saved Us | $12,557


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