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Off Grid Solar For Homeowners

Solar Panel Systems, especially in California have been a growing industry that keeps innovating and becoming more and more like the future we need it to be. For homeowners that are interested in solar, you have multiple ways to turn your home into energy efficient. Some homeowners purchase a solar system and connect it to electrical grid with net metering.  Another option for homeowners that don’t want to invest so much money is to go solar leasing, which works by having the solar company lease solar panels for your rooftop and reduce your electricity but have no real control over the panels itself. Finally, if your leaning towards purchasing a system but tired of your electricity company monopolizing the energy in your city, generate your own and replace them entirely with an off grid system custom designed for your home.

 Why Off Grid Solar is going to overtake traditional methods of solar installation?

When homeowners choose the Off Grid option for solar panels, you are initially investing in the future of your home more so then any other type of solar panel system. Why this is true is simple. Off-grid systems remove your dominate electricity company from the equation. Energy produced by solar panels is stored in batteries for later use. Most homeowners in California produced extra amount of electricity all throughout the day as most people are working. When it comes time to using the electricity, they need a system connected to grid as their solar panels are not producing electricity at night. Tesla motors, a revolutionary company that developed a battery system that can store enough energy to power your home for entire day making your off-grid a more easily implemented idea in urban homes. This system, slightly more expensive, can keep your home running even when the city gets hit with a cyber-attack, or electrical grid fails.

Benefits of Solar

Business owners are hit the worst with inflated electricity prices that keep going higher without a single sign of slowdowns. Homeowners too are faced with higher prices, and same injustice system that raises the price, miscalculates your electricity bill and charges you a lump sum without any repercussions. Going off grid you have more control of what you are paying as it’s just the system itself and the energy generate is all yours without any middlemen. Furthermore, if you noticed your electricity bill increase overtime, know you are not alone. Many homeowners are switching off-grid resulting in higher premiums for those that have not made the switch yet. If a neighborhood that has one hundred homes and third homes upgrade to off-grid solar, the 70 homes need to pay a slightly higher electricity bill to cover the costs regardless of energy spent, why pay for your neighbors, when you can upgrade once and enjoy renewable energy for free.

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