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Laundry Room Remodeling

Inner City Skyline, a fully licensed general contractor offers laundry room upgrades and remodeling. Homeowners that are looking for a general contractor to upgrade the laundry room, can easily get the job done with us, Inner City Skyline. We offer custom installation, design, and upgrades that can be intuitive to the homeowners, and make doing laundry hassle free.  Carefully placed cabinets and custom designed counters can add excitement to a boring space. That in addition to some function cabinets, and well placed appliances can make the entire laundry experience more enjoyable and hassle free.

Laundry Remodeling Huntington Beach laundry remodeling design

Why upgrade your laundry room

When homeowners have experienced water damaged in the laundry room, it’s a great time to consider upgrading, and remodeling from scratch. Homeowners have options for new custom cabinets, and stylish vinyl flooring. We even have textured wallpaper that turns any boring laundry room into a space worth visiting more often.

Another reason for upgrading your laundry room is for functionality. What if the appliances are placed at an angle not convenient for you to do laundry? You can upgrade your laundry room, move your appliances to different parts of the laundry room or even expand your laundry room with the help of Inner City Skyline. We believe when amazing prices meets a functional and creative design, homeowners tend to agree and upgrade happily. That’s what we provide for homeowners.

Laundry Room Remodeling Costs

When homeowners are looking for cost affordable general contractor to remodel the laundry room, Inner City Skyline is a contractor that comes up regularly. We are affordable contractors that offer competitive value to each project we do. It’s not about being the lowest bid, but what we offer in turn for what we are pricing our projects. We help homeowners plan and build the perfect laundry room for their laundry needs.

When it comes to pricing it matters on what you are interested in upgrading, and type of materials used. We have done laundry room remodeling for homeowners and turned a old, moldy laundry room into a bright and friendly area for anyone to do laundry. Costs for an average laundry room start as low as $2,675 and can go as high as $9,845 depending on materials used and size of the laundry room. This does not include appliances as they can be added and are not directly remodeling related.

Laundry Room Remodeling | Laundry Room Repairs

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