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Replacing Your Home Roof

Find yourself in need of a new roof? Homeowners that consider a new roof prior to the rainy season have options available. Once the rain starts, its hard to replace the roof without causing more damage. More often than not, we recommend homes that have a roof older than 25+ years to seriously consider replacing it. Even the best roofs do not last longer than 35 years and that is done with today’s city code. Roof replacements require a licensed roofers. We are fully licensed and insured contractors that help guide homeowners through the roof replacement process. Roof replacements more often than not require financing and expert advise on when to repair and when to replace. Consider free in-home estimate for your roof replacement today and find out costs! Affordable Roof Repairs and Replacements.

Residential Roof Leak Repairs

Experiencing a roof leak can be one of the worst and most challenging home improvement projects to take on. Inner City Skyline Roofing can help you patch your roof and make sure it would not leak again. Roof leaks occur when the roof is not maintained regularly and/or accident occurs. Repairing a roof leak requires experience and expertise in sealing and patch work. Our experienced roofers can help you cover the leak during the rain to protect your home and repair the damages once the rain has stopped. Professional and free in-home estimates are available for homeowners.

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Skylight Leak Repair and Roof Sealing

Sealing residential roofs is a common project for the rainy season. Homeowners that have older roofs and having trouble repairing the damages can hire Inner City Skyline roofing repairs. We are a one stop shop for all roof repair and roof replacement projects. Moreover, we provide roof leak repairs, skylight leak repairs, vent leak repairs and more. Our full service roofing contractors work with homeowners and provide financial assistance with 3rd party financing companies that want to help homeowners with emergency roof repairs in Los Angeles and Orange County. Compare roof repair options with an expert today!

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