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Room Additions Services Laguna Niguel

Inner City Skyline offers room addition services for homeowners in Laguna Niguel, CA. However, what is truly important when it comes to room additions is purpose and size. For simple expansions, we offer room expansion for living room for larger families. Smaller families that need a single bedroom can do a bedroom addition which will more beneficial than a living room expansion. Homes that are 1 bedroom can expand and become two bedroom which will attract more buyers. Call for more details and your custom room addition quote today.

Our room additions Include

Framing and Foundation | Foundation and framing of a room addition provides the skeleton and base for the addition. Inner City Skyline follows all building guidelines for framing and solid foundation. Our in house contractor helps guide labors to get the job done right!

Windows and doors | Windows and doors are part of the overall addition and going energy efficient will help you reduce costs for energy in the future. Discover different options for windows and doors today with Inner City Skyline Inc.

Insulation and Roofing | Roofing is a big part when you compared to the costs involve with room additions and (Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo) roofs tend to leak often due to the weather. Finding professional roofers to get the roofing and insulation done properly challenges most contractors; however, inner city skyline has the best roofers in Laguna Niguel.

Drywall and Painting | our drywall installers and plastering professionals offer custom and unique designs for all types of homes. Our professional drywall crews install the room additions drywall while our painters help homeowners pick the right colors for the addition. We custom paint each room to inspire and provoke emotions for maximum value.

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Room Additions In Laguna Niguel

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