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                Facts About Solar

Why not harness the Suns abundance of energy with solar panels and save $100.00 - $300.00 for your home or business!

Solar Rebates & Incentives In Orange County

Find out why our partners are the best solar panel installers in Orange County. Thousands of dollars in savings and tax rebate benefits are available for a limited time.

What this means for homeowners? Homeowners can save almost a 1/3 of the costs for solar if they choose to do the solar panel system today and cash in on the rebates of up to 30% tax credit rebate. If the future is leading to solar, and rebates are around for a limited amount why not take full advantage of it?

Solar Installers In Orange County

Solar Estimate

Solar Panel Installers Huntington Beach, OC

Ever get tired of paying too much for electricity usage? Inner City Skyline, a professional and licensed contractor offers solar solutions for homeowners in Orange and Los Angeles County. Homeowners that are spending over $100.00 a month can expect a major benefit when switching to solar panel systems connected to your power grid.

Imagine investing in yourself the total amount you pay for your electricity. Some months you pay $150.00 and others $100.00. That’s roughly $1200 a year in unnecessary that is not even tax deductible. Now imagine putting that into your house and building a stronger equity.