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With the introduction of NEM 2.0, Solar Storage has finally made clean energy a viable financial option for Los Angeles households.


What’s going to change? NEM 2.0 finally benefits  -

Full-Time Employed

Energy Conscious

Expected Residents of Over Four Years


But in order to understand a NEM 2.0, a plan in which energy costs change organically based on supply and demand, it’s important to know how Time of Use (TOU) works.


Time of Use Plan (TOU)

On any solar plan, a homeowner integrates with ‘the grid,’ and their solar panels contribute to a big pool of energy that’s shared throughout Los Angeles. This plan is split into two time-zones, two definitions.


9am - 4pm: are peak hours for solar GENERATION, when solar panels are making the most energy - which means the value of a kWH here is lower because everyone has enough energy.


4pm - 7pm: are peak hours for solar USAGE, which mean the value of a kWH is higher here because the demand for energy is high while the sun is down.


TOU has made its appearance not just in solar, but electric plans. In this SoCal study it was shown that the average homeowner without changing their energy habits, would save 2% on their energy bill.


Paired with Solar Storage, that 2% shave turns into an outright elimination of an energy bill.


Solar Batteries and NEM 2.0

Solar batteries take advantage of NEM 2.0 in three major ways.


Skip Out: In order to avoid peak energy costs, many homeowners curb their energy usage from 4pm - 7pm. For many people, that’s just not an option. With solar storage, the power stored throughout the day can be used during peak pricing, to glide over inflated costs.


Profit: Demand for solar energy is high when the sun is low and homes are not generating the energy they need. Store energy when the cost is low, 9am - 4pm, then send it back for credits when the value is higher, 4pm - 7pm.


Backup: In those times in severe need it’s important to have backup power. Whether it’s ensuring that the power doesn’t die in the middle of a big project, or the lights stay on during a storm - backup energy is a valuable tool for any home.


Where to Go

The efficiency, quality, and lifetime of any solar product is determined by its installation. Novel Remodeling leapt onto solar in its infancy to watch as it grew to support over 30% of California’s entire energy use.

With NEM 2.0 there has been no better time to take advantage of solar energy.

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