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Queen Victoria Regina Agave

Queen Victoria Regina Agave is a simple yet elegant Agave breed that is beautiful due to its symmetric circular design. It’s beautiful and requires very little maintenance. Be extra careful in planting as the tips come with razor sharp pointers that sting.

Spiral Aloe

The spiral Aloe is one of the most exciting nature’s creations available in the succulent world. Inner City Skyline enjoys working with Spiral Aloe to bring in customization to your landscaping. Spiral Aloe can last in almost every type of temperature including sharp colds and extreme heat.


Semervivum is a family of odd shaped succulents and flowers part of the Crassulaceae family, known as houseleeks. It’s a type of plant used in succulent dry landscaping and Inner City Skyline uses these oddly shaped succulents to design, entice homeowners with its exotic look.  Sempervivum comes in many variations of reds and oranges, its durable and great asset to any landscaping design.

Blue glow Agave

The blue Glow Agave is a plant also known as Tequila Agave which is used to produce one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. Blue glow agave is one of the most beautiful succulents because of the size of the plant and natural blue color. It stands out in succulent designed landscaping is an all-time favorite succulent to use in our landscaping designs.

Opuntia microdasys 

Opuntia Microdasys is one of the cutest cacti for us cactus lovers. Its commonly known as Bunny Ear Cactus, based on the big cacti bunny depiction. It’s beautiful and slightly dangerous to handle if you have no experience with succulents. Its tentacles are razor sharp and super thin. It is known to cause irritation if not addressed carefully.

Foothill Palo Verde

The Foothill Palo Verde is a tree originated from the Spanish ancestry that works very well with succulent gardens. It’s a tree that looks beautiful, and provides shade for succulents that will thrive more in shady environments. Foothill Palo Verde uses the least amount of water for any traditional tree and is beautiful when blossom (yellow, oranges).  If you ever encounter a tree that has a dark green stem, know that you are looking at a Foothill Palo Verde.

Crap Myrtle

Crap Myrtles are a native tree originated in China. Slow growing as shrubs and growing tall as a tree, it’s one of the most beautiful trees available for water-wise gardens. It’s one of the only tree that’s use less water, and look so beautiful. Crap Myrtle is attractive all year long, so try it out!

Natchez Crepe Myrtle

A perfect accent to your yard is the Natchez Crepe Myrtle. While most crepe myrtles you see are going to have pink or purple blossoms, the Natchez Crepe Myrtle’s blossoms are pure white and blossom all of summer. The end of summer does not signal the end of their appeal though as their green leaves will turn a brilliant red-orange hue in the fall. Like the mountain laurel, this tree can be pruned as a shrub as well. It prefers full sun and once it has been established its water needs are low.

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